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Lindsay the Grateful

Lindsay Reiling a.ka. "Lindsay the Grateful" is a spirituality coach from sunny western Canada.

Her mission is to normalize spirituality. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth, we ALL have the ability to connect with spirit and with our loved ones who have passed. 

Through connecting with spirit we can heal our wounds, traumas, losses and live a healthful life in all aspects. Connecting to spirit connects us to something more and with that comes a calming inner peace, confidence and reassurance that we are more than our physical bodies. 

Lindsay is a spiritual coach and healer, reiki master, akashic records reader, master channeler and mom of 3.

No strange rituals, spells or howling at the moon required! Lindsay gives simple and effective daily spiritual tools that anyone can incorporate into their lives.

Proud to Support the Cerney Family

April 2021

In January of this year Jack was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to the British Columbia Children's Hospital to begin treatment. This was a devastating shock to his family and friends as Jack has never really been sick. Leading up to his diagnosis Jack had been tired, pale and a bit grumpy. Basically, exhibiting non Jack like symptoms. After a very short biking day on the weekend with a few of his friends we decided to book an appointment with our family doctor. A virtual appointment with the doctor led to blood tests that same day. A call from the lab at 10:00pm started Jack, family and friends on the road we find ourselves on now. Jack is now going through a multiple stage chemotherapy program that will take some time to complete. He has his good days and his bad. The support from his friends has been awesome. For his entire family this has and continues to be a surreal experience. One day at a time...

Thank you,

The Cerney Family

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